You do not need to read a Strivectin review to know that this brand maintains one of the more popular names on the market. Strivectin has long since established in the cosmetics market which is why so many are familiar with it.
Strivectin Review

Of course, there is a huge difference between establishing a brand vs. delivering a product that is of high quality. So, I have compiled this review to take a much more detailed look at whether or not the Strivectin name is one that is really worth all the buzz.


So, what is Strivectin?

The answer to that depends on the product you are purchasing.Strivectin has quite a few skincare products for sale on the market. Right now, this Strivectin review will deal with the wrinkle removal cream it proclaims is the best on the market.

Strivectin offers an eight week timeframe in which the product is intended to work and deliver on its intended results. 8 weeks may be a little too long for some and others will be pleased that

Strivectin is not claiming the ability to deliver results overnight. Ultimately, the product is what it is and 8 weeks is the duration it notes for delivering on the results promised.

During this 8 week period, Collagen is intended to be enhanced, wrinkles are to fade, and the texture and elasticity of the skin are to be restored. Upon reading such potential benefits in a Strivectin review, many consumers may be intrigued further about the products sold under the company’s banner.

Actually, the sheer number of anti aging and wrinkle products offered under the Strivectin name can be a sign of trouble. What do I mean by this? In addition to the standard, original Strivectin cream there is also an anti-wrinkle tool it for sale.


Does it work?

It might have some value but the constant hawking of new products leads me to assume that a lot of the hype and hoopla is intended to generate income. That can be understandable and acceptable if the products do work and add something new to the table.

The problem is they are a bit average in terms of performance. That is why this Strivectin review does not go along with justifying the purchase of these additional products.

This is not to completely knock what Strivectin has to offer but to point out that you need to be wary of marketing hype and center your attention on the important things when purchasing an anti wrinkle product.

On a side note, when you are purchasing the original anti wrinkle cream, be prepared to pay a lot. Strivectin costs in the $125 range ranking it among the more expensive products on the market.



There is a rather diverse blend of ingredients which comprise the cream:

    • Myristyl Nicotinate
    • Butyrospermum Parkii
    • Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract
    • Resveratrol
    • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
    • Sorbic Acid would be among the prime ingredients.

Interestingly, you will not find any animal products in the mix which is not the case with all wrinkle creams.



    • The 8 week program is intended to ensure a highly effective outcome using the product,
    • The Strivectin is a well branded one
    • The ingredient stack is huge and comprehensive


    • The cost of Strivectin is enormous.
    • The 8 week program may prove to be a little to lengthy for a number of consumers.


I had a hard time keeping this Strivectin review brief since there is so much ground to cover. This makes a little tough to separate the hype from the important info. Truthfully, this is a decent product that tries to sell itself as a wonder treatment through over the top marketing.

Try to look past the marketing and focus your attention on whether or not it delivers instead.