Read my Kollagen Intensive review and know why we must face the fact that almost all wrinkle creams don’t work.

Kolagen Intenvsiv Reviews

There are hundreds of products out there to choose from and most of us don’t know where to start.  Then, from out of nowhere another product came up, it is called Kollagen Intensiv.

This motivated me to try the product so I can write a Kollagen Intensive review.

I want to write my own review because most Kollagen Intensiv reviews are full of marketing strategies.  I believe that these are not reviews but rather marketing strategies to mislead the consumers.

I have created this Kollagen Intensiv Review to scrutinize the product rather than admiring it.  Since from the name itself, “Kollagen” is more of Collagen to me, it already sounds like hype.  And in my experience, if it sounds hype, it actually is a scam.

Read my Kollagen Intensive review and decide whether this product is for real or another piece of junk.

What is “Collagen” anyway?

Collagen is probably the most abundant proteins contained in the human body. Actually, collagen is 25 % of the overall level of proteins within your body.

Experts relate to collagen as the stuff that keeps the entire body connected. Without collagen the body will wither and die.

Generally, collagen is often mentioned in connection with your skin layer. It truly does work along with keratin to supply your skin with versatility, and strength.

Collagen decreases as we age and this is the reason why we have wrinkles.  Consequently, it is really therefore important to have sufficient collagen if you want to look younger than your age. Skincare experts actually recommend solutions to promote the collagen production skin.


Kolagen Intensiv Reviews


Here is the interesting fraction of this Kollagen Intensiv Review, collagen has been used before to erase wrinkles, but in a very expensive and painful manner.

Cosmetic surgeons utilize collagen to supply their customers a younger looking appearance. The operation is completed in the particular dermatologist’s workplace and only requires a couple of hours.

The collagen is actually injected directly into depressions having to do with lines and wrinkles within the epidermis. Collagen plumps the wrinkles so it would be less noticeable.

Occasionally a number of shots are made, specifically if the wrinkles are deeper. The sad fact is most collagen shots only last four to six months and at that point you need to get another appointment for a surgery.


How can Kollagen Intensiv help our skin produce more Collagen?

The key factor of this wrinkle cream, as I have found out while doing research for my Kollagen Intensiv review, is a peptide known as SYN-COLL.   SYN-COLL is a clear non viscous liquid which is water soluble.

Kolagen Intensiv ReviewsIt is clinically proven to be effective and safe and it does stimulate collagen synthesis.  It also has moisturizing and skin firming properties.

This ingredient sets apart Kollagen Intensiv from other wrinkle creams.  The makers of Kollagen Intensiv found a way to incorporate this revolutionary peptide to work effectively in skin care.

Since I have personally used Kollagen Intensiv, I can truthfully say that the method works.  But, it is important to note that in this Kollagen Intensiv review, this process takes time.

In my personal experience, I got to see the result after 3 months.  Therefore, I can say that for the record, what the advertisers say about Kollagen Intensiv is true.  It does take 84 days or more for you to see the result.

Here are the other ingredients that help this product become more effective:

    • Cyclopentasiloxane improves skin tone simply by quickly plumping the cells in order to fill out fine lines. The following result is certainly on the spot, supplying pores and skins an instantaneously younger look.
    • Shea Butter is definitely an emollient which safeguards pores and skin from your surroundings and softens and smoothes affected skin. Shea butter is customarily utilized in the African continent in order to safeguard skin through weather and severe sunlight, since it carries an element which functions as a heat screening solution.
    • Green Tea Leaf Extract is definitely a beneficial anti-oxidant that could be considered to cease one of many functions within the skin whereby collagen is divided.
    • Hydrolyzed Hibiscus Esculentus Extract helps prevent microscopic muscle tissue spasms which usually pressure skin and trigger wrinkles.
    • Cucumber Fruit Extract is made up of organic tightening chemicals and possesses an anti-inflammatory impact.
    • Oat Kernel Extract calms inflamed skin, to make skin appear at its finest.

What are the advantages if you use Kollagen Intensiv?


These are the pros listed in Kollagen Intensiv review and also according to what I have seen:

    • It can repair skin damaged by the sun
    • It can increase the generation of collagen
    • Lessen the appearance of wrinkles and deepest lines
    • Tones and firms the skin giving it a younger look
    • Serves as a moisturizer
    • The product also has a 90 day free trial and a free one night shipment


The disadvantages

    • Since it needs to increase the collagen regeneration before you can see the result, it may take time for the wrinkles to vanish
    • The results vary – it may take some time on other person using this product.  On the flip side, the results are up to skin deep.


To finish my Kollagen Intensiv Review

I may have failed to prove the product is all hype.  My review of the product simply proves that the product is authentic.  I have tried it myself and it did work.

It actually deserves the name Kollagen Intensiv or in other words “concentrated collagen” as far as my understanding about the language game fashioned by its makers.  If there is one thing negative I can say, it would be the smell but I guess it won’t be much of an issue since the important thing we’ve uncovered.