We all have to grow older but we do not have to suffer from the obvious negative effects of aging. Age spots, wrinkles, and blemishes do not exactly improve one’s appearances. Thankfully, there are quite a few products on the market able to effectively address the effects of aging.pure lift ultra

Of course, I am sure that you want a product which actually works which is why you are reading this Pure Lift Ultra review.

I can report that Pure Lift Ultra is a good product although it does not reach the levels of a great product. Those that purchase this cream will not say it is a poor product but they will also note it is not one of the best.

This is why you won’t find a Pure Lift Ultra review that is not overly glowing.

The purpose of Pure Lift Ultra is to eliminate wrinkles and age spots. Proper application of this cream is needed in order for it to be effective. Following along with the suggested directions on the bottle will maximize the ability for the cream to do what is needed for it to deliver results.



The selection of ingredients in this skin cream can be considered somewhat odd. It would seem that the blend is designed to draw in those looking for all-natural products. This is not to say that the ingredients are weak but they seem to be lacking some of the common items which are known to effectively deal with wrinkles.

    • Argirlene
    • Leuphasyl
    • Matrixly 3000
    • Sea weed
    • Tripeptide
    • Octapeptid
    • Acai berry extract

Are the prime ingredients. These ingredients will appeal to some but others may be a little underwhelmed. Whether or not these ingredients are a pro or a con will depend upon what you are personally looking for in a skin cream.

Generally, when you read a Pure Lift Ultra review you will see the subject of the products ingredients wil be somewhat glossed over. That could be because of a lack of famiiarity with these ingredients.

However, many have reported positive results from this anti wrinkle cream so the ingredients may have value.



    • This is one of the quicker working skin creams which means those hoping to eliminate their wrinkles quickly might have found the right product. (You will see this attribute highlighted in most Pure List Ultra review listings) However, this type of result will depend upon how your skin will react to it.
    • This is a registered product with the Food and Drug Administration which can be considered a loose endorsement for the legitimacy of its ingredients.



    • While some might consider the two week trial period to be adequate, others will be suspicious of it. Most trial periods are in the 30 day range. The fact that there is only a two week trial period may be connected to disappointed feelings on the part of those expecting immediate results as the ads claimed.
    • This is one of the most expensive of the anti wrinkle creams on the market and those on a budget may wish to look elsewhere.


You probably will not consider this a glowing Pure Lift Ultra review. Truthfully, I do not find this to be an awful product but I have seen more impressive ones on the market. If this particular skin cream was a bit less expensive, I might not be so strict in my assessment of it.