Most people will try to live by the saying that you should avoid making any disparaging remarks about anyone or any thing. Then, some of these people purchase SK-II Signs and they begin to reassess their decorum.
SK-II Signs Review
I am usually someone who tries to avoid being overly negative but when compiling this SK-II Signs review, I have to say it was a little tough to hold my composure.

Without a doubt, SK-II Signs remains one of the absolute worst of the worst anti wrinkle products on the market. Stay away from it at all costs!

And it certainly does come with a cost – an outrageous one at that. You will be spending upwards of $100 for a anti wrinkle cream that might as well be dubbed a pro wrinkle cream since the only purpose using it serves would be to avoid treating them.

This means they will end up continuing to get worse and worse. This is another reason why you will be hard pressed to find a glowing SK-II Signs review.

The obvious most negative drawback here would be your money would have been a lot better spent on investing in an anti wrinkle cream that actually works. Who knows? You might even have been able to find a better product at a much cheaper price.

The process of this serum is to reduce the presence of lines and wrinkles via a sustained hydration process. Sustained is really a nice way of saying long, laborious, and unnecessary. Really, the number of steps you are expected to perform when using this formula are mind-boggling.


Here is a brief look at the very drawn out process you are expected to engage in:

The first step is to completely clean your face. Then, you will need to add a lotion to your face. So far, this does not seem very troubling but the third part is where things become more than a bit ludicrous.

You will be expected to use a special pump applicator to apply the actual anti wrinkle serum on your face. Ease of use is definitely not an attribute you will read in a SK-II Signs review.

There are way too many steps you need to take and they become even more absurd when comparing this product to others.



When you read a SK-II Signs review and come to the section on its ingredients, you will marvel at the sheer vagueness. A compound given the the bizarre name of the Fill and Plump Complex is combined with a number of peptides.

Once again, this is a cumbersome and weak serum and no matter what name is given to its ingredient blend the lack of effectiveness remains.



    • You could give this anti wrinkle serum points for trying to be original.
    • It can be purchased from a number of online vendors which could open the door to finding a decent deal.


    • The long and laborious application process borders on the ridiculous.
    • The cost is just too high.
    • The effectiveness of the product can be considered questionable.


There really is not much to say in this SK-II Signs review that can be deemed positive. The obvious reason for that is there is next to nothing to say about this product that is positive. Seriously, I think it may be the worst of the worst as far as anti wrinkle formulas are concerned.